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It pays to be an optimist

Two questions.  When if ever should investors make decisions based on the headlines? Do the current events actually relate to the... Continue

Markets are random, planning provides control

Clients often see planners as visionaries; visionaries who use their unique talents to predict the future of the markets to the benefit... Continue

2013 is just around the corner

It’s not too soon to plan for 2013. Yes, there are still 13 weeks remaining in the year, but the reality is, there is only six weeks... Continue

Five resources for every investor

Optimism Do you believe the world economy is going to crash and that financial Armageddon is imminent? I don’t, and here’s why.... Continue

The whole to the parts ensures success!

Have you considered how today’s decisions can affect your lifestyle in the future, especially during retirement? Do you truly understand... Continue

Simple, elegant and effective

Last article, Sun April 19, 2012 “Outperform your Neighbors,” compared the actual investment returns the average investor received... Continue

Outperform your neighbors

If you are like many people looking for investment assistance, you have employed the services of some sort of investment professional... Continue

Planning your retirement is more important than ever before

Thirty-three years ago, 401(k) plans were authorized by the congress initially as a way for higher paid folks to set aside extra retirement... Continue

Should I buy Facebook stock?

The most anticipated IPO of the decade is almost here! This IPO will make it young founders rich as well as 100’s of early employees.... Continue

“Hey, my stock is up!”

I know that stock picking is exciting. I understand how good it feels to have bought a winner. I know that some investors have hit... Continue